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Can anybody get Laser Hair Removal?

Just about everybody is a candidate for laser hair removal with any skin type, light, dark, or tan. However, the lighter the skin is, the more effective the laser hair removal will be, so it is best to try to keep the body area being treated out of the sun while you are getting treatments. People with a tan or darker skin types can also use a bleaching regimen 4-6 weeks before treatment to increase the effectiveness of the laser.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Hair grows in stages. Hairs are successfully treated by laser in their active growth phase called anagen. There are two other stages of growth and although the hairs can be treated in these stages, they will have to be retreated to catch them in anagen. (This is complicated, but a qualified laser technician will explain this during your free consultation.) The procedure involves a highly concentrated light that is transmitted into the skin. The light targets the pigment/melanin in the hair follicles. The hair absorbs the light, converting it to heat, and causing thermal damage to the follicle. This is all done without any harm to the surrounding tissue. After the hair has been treated, the follicle is disabled and the hair exfoliates in 5 – 30 days. The results are smooth beautiful skin!

How long does the treatment session last?

An area the size of a full back or legs can be treated in as little as an hour and a full bikini may take under 30 minutes. The upper lip takes only 5 minutes and underarms take less than 10 minutes. The length of time depends on the size of the area to be treated.

Is there a difference between Laser and IPL?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, which are still very common in many Spas and still refer to the machines as laser hair removal, even though it does not use a true laser. IPL machines have a shorter wavelength than most lasers and are not as effective at targeting deeper, thicker hair; they are more successful when used to remove fine, thin hairs with shallow roots. Although it is not the best machine for hair removal, several med-spas choose IPL’s because they are versitle and can do many other types of skin treatments that the med-spas offer. At The Skin Studio, we do not use IPL machines, we use Candela Laser Machines which are state of the art for removing hair. Learn more about our Candela Laser Machines.

Does it hurt?

The Skin Studio uses Candela GentleMax Lasers (Alexandrite and YAG) which are exactly that ‘Gentle” however superior for hair removal, due to their patented cooling devices. Many people describe the sensation as being similar to a quick cool mist followed up immediately with a heat blast. After the procedure patients may experience slight redness. This typically subsides within minutes to one day after treatment. Cool aloe vera gels are available to minimize redness. You will be fine to carry on with your day immediately after treatment. Our lasers have been described as being almost pain-free when compared to the discomfort of other hair removal lasers. The unique cryogen and high powered air-flow cooling systems reduce discomfort almost entirely.

How many Laser treatments will I need?

To remove the hair, you will most likely need 6-10 treatments. This is because hair grows in cycles and only the follicles that are in an active growth stage at the time of the treatment are eliminated. When the next stage of hair becomes active (about 4 weeks later), you need to treat this as you did your prior treatment as they are in their active growth stage. Many factors such as hormones, age, ethnicity, weight, metabolism, and medication all influence the body’s hair growth. So, because each person’s skin and hair are different, results may differ from person to person. Touch-up procedures may be necessary.

Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

At The Skin Studio, our main concern is preserving the skin, while the laser treatment is performed. We have highly trained professionals who have treated hundreds of clients and all body areas. In addition to our certified staff the FDA has approved our lasers for safe and effective hair removal, and the treatments are noninvasive and can be customized to each person’s individual skin type, making it very safe for just about everybody.

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